Trying Something More Durable

While we love the psychological impact of orange cones (drivers intuitively slow down around them), we have noticed that our orange cone installations get pretty banged up after a day or two. Cones get knocked over or removed, and their impact dissipates over time. 

So we decided to test out a new tool this week.

Introducing the humble delineator

The traffic delineator, sometimes called a safe hit post, or soft hit post, is a more permanent tool to keep cars out of bike lanes and mark pedestrian crossings. 

We ordered some beautiful delineators from the nice folks at Traffic Safety Warehouse, and made sure to also buy adhesive butyl pads to stick them in the ground.  

And then we decided to make the entrance to Golden Gate Park safer.  So odd that this isn't already a protected bike lane, but we figure this is a good start.


We were super happy with how this turned out. We'll let you know about how durable these posts are.