About the SFMTrA

We make streets safer

The SFMTrA (which stands for San Francisco Municipal Transformation Agency (a play on the City's Municipal Transportation Agency or SFMTA) is a collective organization of men and women committed to making streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists, and doing it quickly.

We were founded in 2016 in direct response to the deaths of two cyclists on the city's streets on the same day.

Even with some improvements from the SFMTA and other advocacy groups lobbying the city for safe streets, we feel there is more that can be done to increase street safety and attention to these issues by taking direct action on our public streets.

We use various means of tactical urbanism to:

  1. Provide a real safety increase for cyclists and pedestrians.
  2. Draw attention to areas of the city that are unsafe for vulnerable pedestrians and cyclists.
  3. Put pressure on the SFMTA and public officials to make proactive, rapid, and substantive improvements in street safety.

We wants streets that are safe for all road users, especially those that are most vulnerable. We also want to promote modes of transportation that do not rely on fossil fuels. If pedestrians and cyclists feel safe on our streets, they will increasingly turn away from cars and to these alternate modes.

It's not that we want the police to write tickets for people driving down bike lanes. We want it so people can't possibly drive down bike lanes, or can't possibly zoom around corners and cut off pedestrians—because it's physically impossible. We expect of our city to take responsibility to public safety, and are only taking this action because of a gap in city leadership..

We'd love the city government to pick this up from us. We're doing this as a showcase of how cheap and easy this is, and we're wondering why in the world the city isn't following our lead.