Statement on Removal of Pedestrian Safety Projects by the SFMTA

The SFMTA is glacially slow to install pedestrian and bicyclist safety infrastructure, yet was able to remove our simple safety improvements within a week. We started this organization because we want to make streets safer for pedestrians and bicyclists. We want the SFMTA to rapidly implement quick, simple improvements and rapidly develop plans for drastic street safety transformations. Instead, the SFMTA focuses on removing pedestrian safety improvements and not only refuses to enforce, but actually supports dangerous practices such as Sunday double-parking.

Also upsetting is the SFMTA’s comment that these posts would fall over and block the path of bicyclists. The Crossover Dr. and Geary/Leavenworth installations were pedestrian focused safety pilots installed on crosswalks, not installations along bike lanes. There are (sadly) no bike lanes within blocks of either of these locations. Numerous road users commented that drivers were moving more slowly and the crossing felt more safe. San Francisco citizens demand more safety improvements like our Crossover Drive and Geary/Leavenworth pilots from the SFMTA, more quickly.

We call on SFMTA to immediately replace these pedestrian safety improvements with protection at or above the level installed by SFMTrA.