Time to Make Protected Bike Lanes In Golden Gate Park

We have been watching with interest as the SFMTA works to create safe, protected bike lanes around town. But as things go into the ground we can't help but notice the design flaws. So we're seeking your help to install and document what a complete solution looks like on the streets of San Francisco.

We would like your help installing protective posts in Golden Gate Park. Please help us spread the word and donate. Why is this necessary? Time and again, we see that initial designs are failing to protect vulnerable road users, and the City of San Francisco is failing to take action to address these flaws:

So we would like to ask for help CREATING and DOCUMENTING a solution to this problem.

Let's Make Golden Gate Park's Protected Bike Lanes actually, you know, protected.

Our best guess is that SFMTA deciders have never ridden these lanes, or have never been to any of the countless cities that have solved this problem with removable soft hit posts. So, we would like your help installing protective posts the for several lengths of the JFK drive bike lane. Our estimate is that this can be done with 50 posts, at a cost of about $1350.

We need your help documenting this pilot

Our second best guess is that SFMTA will remove our installation shortly after we install it. Why? We are not entirely sure, but this has been their recent pattern: hastily and arbitrarily removing common sense solutions that benefit biker and pedestrian safety. 

That's why it is important to have your help installing, documenting, and spreading the word about what more complete solutions look like. We'll be asking all who donate to this campaign to join us for installation and photographic documentation.

Please help us! Spread the word and donate

Please include your email with your donation and we will invite you to help with the installation very soon.