Fell and Baker are Still Unprotected

tldr: Please donate to SFMTrA so that we can continue to work to protect this intersection in the face of city government inaction. 

We have said this before and we will say it again: The City of San Francisco has yet to take any action to protect the dangerous intersection of Baker and Fell. A senior resident of the Mercy Family plaza was struck and killed in the crosswalk here on October 4, 2017.

Since then, SFMTrA installed a safety pilot to slow down speeding cars in this intersection and shorten the crossing distance. And less than a week later the City and County of San Francisco removed this pilot without any plans to replace it. 

So this raises the question: will the city of San Francisco take any urgent action at this crosswalk?

We're calling for City leadership to quickly take action to protect this vulnerable intersection. We have watched with admiration as the Oakland Department of Transportation has begun piloting such "quick fixes," but San Francisco still spends years planning short-term, interim upgrades.

How can SFMTrA help advance this conversation? Paint.

As we've said to several folks recently: we've started experimenting with paint. And we'd like to pilot a specialized painted crosswalk design for this dangerous intersection.

Please donate to SFMTrA-- as always with these special projects, donors will be invited to join in this installation.